Blue Beam Project

The Blue Beam project is one of the more recent mind control programs. It focuses on New Age and religious beliefs. Its purpose is to induce visions and to create apparitions and hallucinations by directing microwaves and subliminal sound waves at a person. It can give people experiences that are experienced as real, but that aren't. It's virtual reality as a weapon, and as a means for mass control.

Some scholars believe that the information about Blue Beam is a hoax, i.e. that it is deliberate disinformation released to discredit some people...
Even if the information about project Blue Beam itself would be a hoax, there are consistent rumours and indications that such a project might nevertheless exist. (Just look at all the nonsense that is being channeled...)

See also the HAARP project that also uses technology which would be able to induce Intercranial audio phenomena (hearing voices inside one's head).