Several sources mention that the Eban is what the Large Nosed Greys, coming from Betelgeuse, would call themselves. These are the "Tall Greys" that made an agreement in 1954 (or 1964) with the US Government that allowed them to abduct humans in exchange for technology.
(One source that was quoted in the Branton Material, however, claims they would be from Barnard's star).

Between November 2005 and April 2006 information was leaked about a project that involved the exchange of ambassadors with the inhabitants of the planet Serpo, which revolves around one of the two stars of the Zeta Reticulum Rhomboidalis constellation. Its inhabitants are referred to as the Eben. It is not clear whether this would be their name, or whether the expression is used in a generic way to refer to Extraterrestrial Biological ENtities. The latter seems the more likely scenario, which casts doubts on the name Eban for the tall greys as well.

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