Some of the material used here, comes from a source that identifies itself as "Branton", and that was released on the Internet between 1995 and 2000.

It was 1995 when the first material, signed "Branton," appeared on the Internet. The information was being spread by an anonymous source who claimed to be an acquaintance of Branton, and to have been a witness to his amazing story.

Branton had always thought of himself as a fairly normal citizen when suddenly he discovered that he actually led a double life that, previously, he had not been aware of at all. He found out that he had been abducted by aliens and that he had been programmed by them to perform specific tasks. For several years, he performed these tasks, usually at night, while his conscious self was not aware of this at all. Then something must have gone wrong in the programming because he started to remember, as he called it, the "horrible truth." From that moment on, he was determined to discover and eventually reveal the real truth about the alien presence on Earth.

Initially, Branton was a codename for that one specific individual. Over time, however, other "investigators" have joined him in his quest for the truth, and as all of them started exchanging their information, they gradually got a picture of the bigger truth. At that moment, they started spreading the information over the Internet as "Branton and the Group."

Nowadays, the information usually is just signed "Branton," referring to the whole network of anonymous investigators that share the same purpose, to reveal the real truth about the alien presence on Earth, and the part the US Government plays in it.

It should be noted that a lot of the information in the Branton Material is quite "outlandish" and "far-fetched," especially when it comes to the conclusions that are being drawn, and the interpretations of some of the facts. Still, it does contain loads of "raw materials" that provide lots of facts and data, complete with source references, which are worthwhile.

Meanwhile, Branton has been identified as Bruce Alan Walton. (The name Branton comes from BRuce AlaN WalTON). In 2000 he was involved in an accident that left him mentally impaired.