Wrinkle-faced aliens

There are quite a number of eyewitness reports of fairly short extrater­res­trials with a wrinkled, tanned skin. These beings, both male and female, have been met by abductees and allegedly also by whistle­blowers working for the US military.

wrinkle-faced alien

The Alien Jigsaw web site describes two different types of these beings: " They are both short in stature and have brown wrinkled skin, but their faces, eyes, and physiques are quite different. For example, one group has eyes shaped like ours, but they are larger. Their irises are blue and their pupils are white and shaped like a horizontal diamond-like slit. The other group of Beings with tan, wrinkled skin has eyes that are shaped similar to ours, but where we have a colored iris, their irises are black. Where we have a black pupil, their pupils are vivid blue ."