Contactee Sixto Paz Wells is in contact with beings from a world called Xilox, who are said to have a presence (base) here on Earth. Mardox - sometimes spelled Mardorx, with an extra r - is the name of his main contact among them.

Astronomical data

Xilox allegedly is located in 'Andromeda,' but it is unclear whether it's the constellation or the Andromeda Galaxy.

Phyiscal appearance / Phenotype

The inhabitants of Xilox could pass for regular human beings (Phenotype A1, Humanoid phenotype).
They are about 6'2" (1.85m) tall and hairless; they have small eyes and a reddish skin tone.

Additional information

From the article listed below: "According to information from Mision Rahma, 'Xilox' is a planet associated in a large Confederation under the guidance of the 24 elders of the (Milky Way) Galaxy. These 24 elders participate in 'The Council of Nine' located in the Andromeda Galaxy, thus forming atotal of 33 members who represent 'The Great White Brotherhood of the Star.' These beings are spiritual masters that represent evolution itself and Earth's Great White Brotherhood is associated to them. The Council of Nine, is the governing body of our Local Group of 9 galaxies.  The 'Elohim' are genetic engineers and seeders of life conditions. Intervening evolving hominid primates humans were genetically seeded from many cosmic sources and posses the enormous combined potential of all of them. There's great expectation for humanity to give an example that will inspire the seeding civilizations giving them a way to move beyond their own stages of development. Humans were seeded in a very active and risky planetary environment. Other similar experiments in the local cosmos suffered self-destruction or a catastrophic environmental end. The 'Guardians' and 'Watchers' are the 'right arm of the 'Confederation' directly linked to the White Brotherhood of the Star and are in charge to protect worlds in evolution such as Earth. They prevent the intervention of extraterrestrial civilizations with warlike or colonizing intentions or with the intention to conduct scientific studies without authorization from the 'Confederation.' The Guardians and Watchers possess orbital bases close to planets under observation and-or under 'quarantine.' For Earth there is a space station called 'Celea' which is located behind the Moon. It is inhabited by beings from different origins and different aspects."