Mission Rahma

Mission Rahma is an organization, founded by Sixto Paz Wells that promotes conscious contact with the Masters of the White Brotherhood and the extraterrestrials they work with.

The organization was first started in the 1970s under the name Mission Rama (without 'h'), after Sixto Paz Wells had his first encounter in 1974. During his encounters, Sixto was given some protocols that could be used to establish communication with the extraterrestrials that had contacted him, and with the so-called Masters of the White Brotherhood whom they worked with. The purpose of the organization, which had branches worldwide was to promote these protocols and to effectively establish contact. In turn, these contacts were meant to assist in a person's spiritual evolution.

The organization gained worldwide attention because of the coverage of the sightings by a prominent Spanish journalist, J.J. Benitez. It probably was the only time that craft showed up for the press at a precommunicated time and location.

Mission Rama was officially disbanded in 1990, ans was succeeded by Mission Rahma (with 'h'). It aimed to build momentum for more communications and sightings of the extraterrestrial ships that are recorded for the world media.

Apart from Sixto Paz Wells, Enrique Villanueva was another one of the Mission Rahma contactees who got a lot of atten­tion.

The official legal entity for Mission Rahma was again disbanded in 2011, but the movement still exists, and its members are still actively continuing their mission. 

They talk about 49 extraterrestrial guides who are assisting mankind in its spiritual evolution. These guides are said to come from places like Apu in Alpha Centauri, Venus and other locations.