Galactic Federation of Light

Extreme caution is warranted with all information about the Galactic Federation of Light. The term started off as part of a scam, and, unfortunately, it was subsequently erroneously used by several authors to refer to the Association of Worlds / Federation of Planets.


Ever since the contactees of the 50, there was talk about a sort of Federation that these human looking extraterrestrials were part of. It was usually referred to as the Federation or Confederation of Planets or as the Association of Worlds. Initially, there never was any mention of it being a galactic federation, nor was it ever referred to as a federation of light.

In the early 90s, we find the first mentions of a galactic federation, but they were in channeled material that was highly unreliable. It dealt with topics like the non-existing photon belt, made claims about the Earth being in an orbit around Alcyone (which is utter nonsense) and that made all kinds of predictions of pole shifts, extraterrestrials - usually Sirians or Pleiadians - landing, etc. that never happened. Each time it did not happen, some bogus explanation was given afterward, and a new date was used, where it again did not happen, and so on.

The first mentions of a Galactic Federation of Light were in 1997, and were part of a scam where people were encouraged to pay the scam artists money, in return for which, allegedly through Nesara, there were going to get a lot of money in return. Needless to say, that did not happen either.

But somehow, several self-proclaimed channels started using the name afterward in their - mostly highly dubious - material.

There are indications that the term was subsequently used by intel agencies in mind control experiments as well as in tests to monitor how information evolved over the Internet: how it spread, where it spread, how it mutated, etc. And unfortunately, then several authors started to use the term as well to refer to the Association of Worlds.


The first issue is of course that it started as part of a scam.

Furthermore, when analyzing the Galactic Federation of Planets material, it becomes patently obvious that it fails internal consisteny tests.

The materials are in disagreements on just about each aspect of the organization:

The only thing there seems to be agreement on, is about its name, and that the Pleiadians are members.

A third problem, mentioned above, is that the term subsequently was used by intel agencies, spreading false information in experiments.

A fourth problem is that, unfortunately, several authors - including Courtney Brown - started using the term when they were referring to other organizations, mainly the Assocation of Worlds / Federation of Planets.

Conclusion: extreme caution is warranted with any information that involves a Galactic Federation of Light.