From the very beginning one of the main reasons behind the whole UFO cover-up was that society wasn't ready yet for the knowledge about alien life (See Brookings Report). Another important reason was that the recovered technology gave the US a strategic technological advantage. So, on the one hand programmes were set up to hide or discredit all UFO-related information, while at the same time other programmes were set up to start preparing society for the ultimate moment of 'disclosure,' i.e. the moment that the truth about the presence of aliens on earth shall be revealed.

Many players involved in the UFO cover-up are convinced that the time has finally come to start disclosing more and more information. This will most likely not happen by a single statement by one or more key players, but rather by the gradual release of information from multiple sources. This is why more and more military personnel that has been involved in UFO related work, has been allowed to talk about it. Recently, the whole disclosure process has taken on an air of urgency as there is a growing fear of being 'overtaken by events.' Everybody agrees that it may not be possible to mislead the public much longer.

There have been disclosure activism initiatives since the 50s, which include CAUS, Operation Right to Know, the Disclosure Project, the Citizen Hearing on disclosure, etc. The whole process was put into higher gear when Luis Elizondo stepped forward in December 2017, with information on a Pentagon program that collected information on UFOs. Since then, the Pentagon has been more forthcoming as well. They are, however, pushing for a limited disclosure that benefits them and focuses on a threat narrative.

It is important to know that there are many players involved in this process, and that they do not agree with each other on how to proceed. The main players are MJ-12 / PI-40, some groups within the Naval Intelligence (often referred to as the Aquarium); groups within the USAF Intelligence (often referred to as the Aviary), as well as groups within the NSA and DIA, and possibly other groups. Oddly enough, often these groups will undermine what other groups are disclosing. Even more baffling is that the strategy of plausible deniability is maintained, meaning that as information is being released, it always happens along with disinformation.

Apart from the government sponsored disclosure there are important private initiatives from people like Steven Greer, Luis Elizondo, Michael Salla, Linda Moulton Howe, Bill Ryan & Kerry Cassidy, and others to reveal the truth. They mainly interview people that have been involved in the UFO cover-up. Because of the sheer amount of people that are willing to come forward without being subjected to all kinds of harassment (which used to be the case until recently), the impression is created that these 'outcomings' are condoned or even organised by the authorities.

Things changed by the end of 2021, when the US Congress demanded to be kept in the loop. In May 2022, a first briefing took place, which did not satisfy the US Congress. A new office was created within the Pentagon with the purpose providing legislators with more in-depth information.

A new law to protect whistleblowers comes into effect in 2023 and is expected to accelerate the disclosure process.