The term Santinians is used to refer to the (humanoid) inhabitants of the Centauri System. The Centauri system is the nearest star system. The Santinians are, so to say, our galactic neighbors, living only four and a half light years away. They are from Vegan descent.

The name comes from the Italian, Santini, which means little saints.

The Santinians are one of the spiritually and technologically most advanced humanities in our neighborhood. There is a close connection to the Sirians, Pleiadians and Venusians. They are members of the Ashtar Command, and /or the Federation of Planets.

The home planet of the Santinians is called Metharia. It is one of several planets that revolve around Centauri A.

The Centauri System consists of three stars, Centauri A, B and C. Centauri A and B form a double-sun. At this moment, Centauri C is the Sun's nearest neighbor, though usually people refer to Alpha Centauri (or Centauri A), which is the brightest of the three stars, as being the nearest star, hence the name Alpha Proxima.

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